Friday, 15 February 2013

Leather Shopping and an Argentinan Steak House what more could a girl want for Valentines!

My Buenos Airies Travel Agent, Sandra Gutrejde scheduled a trip to a leather factory for me so I could look for a new leather jacket.  The taxi picked us up and drove us half way across B.A. to a small leather factory.  We were given great service, and the top underground exchange rate on our U.S. dollars plus a 10% discount if we paid in cash.  I guess the underground economy is alive and well in Argentina.  Oh well when abroad do as the locals do - pay cash.  I was excited to find a really cool jacket unlike anything I have seen at home, which was the point.  I even found room for it in my backpack.  yippee!  Bill also found is his murse or man purse as he does not like his small backpack to take back and forth to work.  Jumped back into the cab and we were back at the apartment within 3 hours.  We then relaxed by the pool and repacked our bags as we are headed to Iguazu Falls tomorrow.  We were able to get reservations to one of Palmero's top Steak houses for dinner tonight.  We had discussed our plans with a couple of guys from the U.S. on the way to the Tango show and they had informed us that we should be sharing a meal as the portion sizes were huge even for these two stapping young lads.  So before we left we had agreed we were sharing, however by the time we got there Bill thought he was starving and how could a restaraunt possibly get a piece of tenderloin to be 600 gms.  So even when the waiter asked if we were sharing he said no and ordered his own.  I ordered at 1/2 portion.  Well when the food arrived I could not believe the amount, Bill had 4 huge tenderloin pieces and I had 3 small ones, enough to feed 6 people no problem.  We had already had bread, and a number of toppings before this all arrived.  It also came with salad and about 8 other side dishes.  He should have listend to the boys!  We couldn't even take any with us as we were flying out the next morning.  So Bill to his true form, ate and ate and ate, drank wine and then I rolled him home.  It was very good, however still not up to the Moser standard.  They say Argentina beef is fabulous but we dare to disagree.  My boy can still cook a better steak.

This was our last night in B.A. and I have to say the city was a lot of fun.  We are off to Iguazu Falls as our next destination point.  We had fun in the big city, but we are looking forward to some piece and quiet and a little slower pace.  I like to visit the big city but much prefer the tranquility of a smaller place.


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